Ordering is now live for this weekend (June 3rd or 4th) – we’ll have flowers for you from Butterbee Farm, the Monocacy Valley Flower Co-Op, Hillen Homestead, and Two Boots Farm. We will have peonies, snapdragons, poppy pods, cornflower, yarrow, and more in this week’s bouquets. All orders for this week are due by Friday at 10am.

This is also a subscriber pickup week (Friday 10-1 @ Violet Floral or Saturday 10-5 @ Taken). Please contact Mallory at violetfloraldesigns@gmail.com if you have a question about your subscription or need to reschedule your pickup.

To place any custom flower orders this month, send us an email at violetfloraldesigns@gmail.com.

For weddings and events, please visit our Weddings page for more information.

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